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Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski today announced plans to propose new investments in public safety, including creating new positions to improve school safety, community engagement and community-based policing. the data.

“Keeping our communities safe is among the most sacred responsibilities of local government,” Olszewski said. “These new investments will allow us to continue to modernize our police service so that our officers can fight crime and continue to build strong relationships with the communities they serve.

The proposed fiscal year 2023 budget, which Olszewski will present to the county council on April 14, includes funding for several critical new positions for the police department, including:

  • Director of Wellness – This individual will focus on the breadth and depth of Officer Wellness support, which is critical to ensuring they can continue to do their job to the best of their abilities.
  • Policing Community Engagement Coordinator – This individual will serve as the direct liaison with Baltimore County communities, ensuring that all precincts make the necessary connections for effective community policing.

In addition, the budget includes funding for the hiring of eight new data scientists – a significant investment to continue efforts to shift to more data-driven policing strategies – and funding for seven new forensic science positions to improve the department’s ability to resolve cases quickly.

To support existing School Resource Officers (SROs), the proposed budget will include funding to hire four new floating SROs, improving the ability of officers to build relationships in schools and respond to any criminal activity.

Additionally, the budget will include funds to continue to provide hiring bonuses and recruiting incentives to help attract a diverse pool of talent. Recruits receive a $10,000 hiring bonus and current police department personnel receive a $500 referral bonus if they refer successful candidates. These incentives are essential to ensure that the department can recruit new talent and ensure a fully staffed police force.

“The additional funding announced today will strengthen our efforts to continue to provide the highest level of service to the community and the officers who serve them,” said Chief Melissa Hyatt. “I want to thank County Executive Olszewski and our partners throughout Baltimore County for their continued support.”

Visit the Baltimore County website for more information.

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