CJ McCollum on Kevin Durant leaving Golden State: “The argument didn’t help, and the way they handled it probably didn’t help.”

Kevin Durant’s departure from the Golden State Warriors suddenly became a hot topic in the NBA this week. KD spoke with Draymond Green to discuss his departure from the Dubs, highlighting his argument with Dray (and how the Warriors handled him) as the main reason for leaving the franchise in 2019.

Much like Durant, CJ McCollum explained this, saying team officials and the media played a big part in Durant’s decision to end his 3-year tenure in the Bay and head to the coast. is for playing with the Brooklyn Nets.

According to the Portland Trail Blazers shooting guard, no one helped KD stay attached to the Warriors, which ultimately led to his departure from the team after winning two championships in three trips to the final. On his Pull Up by CJ McCollum show, he explained:

“The argument didn’t help, and the way they handled it probably didn’t help.”

“But also the media, the way they portrayed everything. The way they had to ask questions about it and watch how that relationship and that dynamic would continue after that played a role. ”

Still, McCollum claimed that Durant could have perfectly stayed at Golden State and that nothing would have changed for him.

“At the end of the day, KD is the kind of guy who if he had wanted to stay he would have stayed. His actions in previous situations and on previous teams he probably felt his time was up there. He had been there for a long time, he had won several championships, he had won several MVPs in the final, he kind of got what he was looking for.

“In the sense of playing probably for one of the best teams ever. Being able to learn a different style, being able to play a different style. I think he went there as an elite player, he left an elite player who understood the game better, who was a better all-rounder defensively, offensively, creatively to a guy who can sort of orchestrate attack, handle defense, yeah he stopped, but I think he took it to another level after playing alongside Steph, Dre, Klay.

Ultimately, he decided to team up with Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn, creating a formidable duo in the Eastern Conference. A season later, James Harden joined them, creating another super-team in the league.

KD couldn’t reach the Promised Land last season, succumbing to future champions Milwaukee Bucks in the second round of the playoffs. He will try to relive old glory next year with a healthy Nets team that will make a lot of noise.

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