Connected Redefined: Reinventing Vertical Display Solutions in Samsung’s Virtual Experience

Samsung brought together groundbreaking technology leaders for a week of innovation and in-depth conversations about the future of display technology at its key Virtual Experience (V/X) event in Las Vegas this month. The annual experience hosted discussion forums, breakout sessions and seminars for top experts to share best practices, trends and insights related to digital transformation – all in the Products and Solutions Showcase Samsung’s 200,000 square foot immersive displays.

The theme of the event – “Connected Redefined” – was brought to life by senior Samsung executives and their partners who shared how collaborative efforts deliver immersive experiences that unlock new capabilities to boost engagement and limitless possibilities. for companies. More than 250 partners and customers joined the conversation, including the New York food, Virgin Hotels, Ford, Oracle and Cisco – on the redefined role of connectivity and interactivity in today’s world.

Harry Patz, Jr., Senior Vice President and General Manager of Samsung’s Display Division

Harry Patz, Jr., Senior Vice President and General Manager of Samsung’s Display Divisionoffered his perspective on the value of collaborative technologies in a reconnecting world, “A perfect storm of technological convergence and brute-force digital transformation has reshaped our lives. The way we interact with each other, collaborate with colleagues, and even understand our own purpose is now forever changed. The challenge now is to find new ways to connect and thrive as we take the next step. »

Game Changing Clients

Digitally transforming the Ballpark experience:

Mark Brubaker, New York Mets Chief Technology Officer, share how Citi Field’s partnership with Samsung will create the most technologically advanced ballpark in the major leagues by 2023 with Samsung’s industry-leading displays, software and solutions. Announcing plans for investments in waytelling and digital dominance to optimize the fan experience at Citi Field, Brubaker offered an inside perspective:

“During our partner selection process, we realized that it was not just about the game, but also about the experience and the value of the production, and largely about the displays and sound. We had a big business as we needed to replace our static control room, ribbon boards, menu boards and more We went to different partners and explained our vision to them but found that there was very few companies able and willing to do it all. Samsung was the only one with the capabilities and tools to give us the seamless experience we wanted.”

Imagine a new way of learning:

Education partnerships are increasingly focusing on the ability of technology to support student productivity, efficiency and engagement. Demonstrating how innovative displays and software transmit information seamlessly, partner Samsung UDT, an IT consulting and services company, and Christopher Columbus High School (CCHS) in Miami, Florida, shared the benefits of arrays Samsung Flip 3 interactive whites in their classrooms. One of the first schools to implement interactive whiteboards in 2021, CCHS will install indoor and outdoor LED signage upgrades to create a digitally united campus by 2023. Alex Seage, CCHS Senior IT Manager, discussed how the early collaboration with Samsung, a full-service provider, made all the difference:

“We discovered that many teachers, in the wake of the pandemic, were looking for collaborative experiences from technology and content-driven media that could be delivered in a timely and meaningful way to keep students engaged,” said Seage. “We were looking for a scalable, adaptable and flexible solution and Samsung provided it from the start.”

The Manatee County School District (SDMC) also shared their success story with Samsung Smart Signage powered by MagicINFO that has revolutionized schools in the district. Today, Samsung is working with SDMC to install Samsung’s full product portfolio and to integrate an additional display and tablet for students. Charles Newsome, SDMC Field Service Manager, Information Technology, shared his experience:

“Our school district already had experience with projection-type devices in classrooms. When we were exposed to digital technology, it gave us a better and more effective teaching platform. When we were exposed to interactive technology, we knew this was the path we wanted to take for our educators and students,” says Newsome. “We all fell in love with the product and rolled it out to 10 elementary schools. It has proven to be a great addition to classrooms, proving to be a better teaching tool than others used before. We now have a five-year plan to implement Samsung digital and interactive signage in all classrooms and teaching spaces.

Transforming retail through connectivity

Contactless order:

GRUBBRR, the leading provider of self-ordering technology, powers Samsung Kiosk, an all-in-one system that includes its advanced software solution that can be extended to smart digital menu boards, kitchen display systems, food lockers and more.

“In responding to the overwhelming demand for an all-in-one smart kiosk, GRUBBRR recognizes the value of partnering with the most trusted electronics manufacturer, Samsung,” said Sam Zietz, CEO of GRUBBRR. “Samsung doesn’t meddle in a space, they are fully committed and creating massive disruption with premium products at a reasonable price. Samsung’s entry into this space will democratize access to kiosks and enable merchants to do things they never thought possible.

Integration of social content:

Sprinklr and Samsung are teaming up to give brands the ability to embed social content into screens to engage customers and influence shopping behavior. Sprinklr display is enabled on Samsung SMART signage through an app that works with its built-in Tizen SoC and MagicINFO software.

“We recognize that social media is here to stay. We are constantly finding new ways to engage customers and brands with technology that helps them capture insights from social media,” said Jay Vigeland, Vice President of Cloud Ecosystems, Tech & Care, Global Alliance. “From the beginning of our involvement with Samsung, we were committed to the platform. We created an application that works natively with Samsung displays, allowing businesses to manage content remotely and use all the features of the platform perspective.

EV charging stations:

Iotecha and Samsung have joined forces to combine Samsung’s display technology with IoTecha’s industry-standard EV charging station technology and transform the charging experience. Offering global capabilities and a sleek design, Samsung’s all-new EV charging station was on hand for attendees to experience its features first-hand.

“We believe that together, Samsung and IoTecha provide a cost-effective platform that delivers fast, smart EV charging service and is integrated into kiosks that bring visually dynamic interfaces to services including IoT.ON™ from Samsung’s Iotecha and MagicInfo with programmatic advertising.” said Kim Sarubbi, vice president of media at IoTecha Corp. and V/X speaker. “IoTecha’s proven track record, based on standards with proven capabilities, combined with Samsung’s technologies, is seen as the solution infrastructure providers and end customers need to accelerate their electrification goals and differentiate their offering. charging and digital signage as the adoption of electric vehicles accelerates.”

Celebrating partner innovation

Samsung has announced the winners of the 2022 Samsung V/X Partner Awards, a program that highlights the role of partners in exceeding customer expectations in the display industry. The full list of winners and nominees is below:

Broadcast Rewards:

  • Out-of-Home Distribution Partner of the Year: TD SYNNEX
  • Mobile Channel Partner of the Year: INGRAM MICRO
  • % Growth of Highest Display Distribution: Bluestar
  • Best mobile distribution growth percentage: VERTEX

Top Partner Awards:

  • A Samsung partner award: CDW
  • Gold Partner of the Year: Creative Realities Inc.,
  • Diamond Partner of the Year: Conference Tech
  • Platinum Partner of the Year: Best Buy Business
  • Partner of the Year: Organization for Educational Technology (OETC)
  • Best Mobility Partners Awards
  • Best Escape Partner of the Year: iGOV
  • Best HHP Growth Partner of the Year: Insight
  • Best Tablet Growth Partner of the Year: CSG
  • Best Chrome Growth Partner of the Year: Staples

Nominated Awards:

  • Emerging Technology Solution of the Year 2021
    • Immersive Graphics – General Motors
  • Art installation of the year 2021:
    • TD Diversified Bank at 1 Vanderbilt, NYC
  • Installation of the year 2021 – Collaborative Space
    • YESCO – University of Southern Utah
  • Installation of the year 2021 – Public space
    • Electrosonic SL Green Realty Corp
  • Facility of the Year 2021 – Food & Beverage
  • Installation of the Year 2021 – Government
    • AVI-SPL, United States Army Intelligence
  • Facility of the Year 2021 – Retail
    • Creative Realities Inc., PETCO
  • Installation of the Year 2021 – K12/Education
    • United Data Technologies, Christopher Columbus High School
  • Installation of the year 2021 – Outdoor signage
    • Cook Neon Signs, Coffee County Central High School
  • Installation of the Year 2021 – Software & Services
    • Insight, Walmart Connected Associate
  • Installation of the year 2021 – SME
    • Omega Signs and Lighting, Lockport Fire Station
  • Installation of the Year 2021 – Mobility
    • CG Mobility, A10e Biotelemetry Project

What’s Next for Samsung Display Solutions

After a week of thought-provoking discussions on the issues facing today’s business leaders – including the great resignation, the blending of virtual and physical worlds, the impact of automated and self-service experiences and more again – a tour of the illuminated Las Vegas Strip flanked by Samsung display technology concluded the event. The incredible opportunity to reconnect and share valuable industry insights will happen again at next year’s V/X, bringing Samsung’s built-to-last solutions back to center stage.

For more information on Samsung display solutions, please visit Samsung’s website here.

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