COVID-19: Upbeat Johnson brings Christmas market to Downing Street as recall program accelerates | UK News

Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears to have started his Christmas celebrations early as he trusted an intensified recall program to save the holiday season for everyone.

Mr Johnson chatted with traders on Tuesday evening and sampled produce at a Christmas market in Downing Street, in a sign of confidence in the government’s approach to dealing with the latest COVID threat.

Previously, he had urged people not to cancel Christmas parties or school nurseries at a press conference, where he had pledged to “throw it all out” during the booster vaccination campaign to combat the spread of the Omicron variant.

The Prime Minister announced a broad military-backed NHS effort to offer all adults a third dose by the end of January.

Mr Johnson tasted a sample of Isle of Harris Gin as he chatted with traders at a Christmas market in Downing Street
Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a bicycle as he visits a UK food and drink market in Downing Street
Mr Johnson will be asked again about the government’s approach at today’s PMQs

Speaking at a press conference in Downing Street on Tuesday, PM declared the deployment of reminder program will go in order of age, and that there will be over 1,500 community pharmacy sites in England offering the jabs.

He said that “temporary vaccination centers will emerge as Xmas trees, ”adding that some 400 servicemen and the“ volunteer army jabs ”will also help with the deployment.

When asked if parties and nurseries should be done away with, Mr Johnson said: ‘We don’t want people to cancel events like this and we overwhelmingly believe the best thing for children is to be in school, as I have said many times throughout this pandemic. “

The prime minister added that the possibility of another lockdown is “extremely unlikely”, but ministers will keep “everything under control”.

He is expected to be asked again about the government’s approach during the Prime Minister’s Questions in the Commons on Wednesday.

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Sajid Javid said the initial vaccine rollout was one of the ‘biggest companies’ undertaken in the UK in peacetime

Mr Johnson’s comments come after Health Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed all adults will be offered a COVID-19 booster vaccine as part of a global expansion of the jabs program to address the potential impact of the new Omicron variant.

The United Kingdom vaccine advisory body – the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunization (JCVI) – recommended:

• Booster jabs for all people over 18 years old

• Shorten the interval between a second jab and a booster from six months to three months

• Give children ages 12-15 a second shot – again after at least three months

• Severely immunocompromised people have access to another booster – which for some means a fourth dose this winter

• Boosters consisting of either a Pfizer vaccine or a half-dose of the Moderna vaccine

Mr Javid said the government would take all recommendations “in their entirety” into account.

The move will see millions more people in the UK become eligible for a third booster dose and follows growing international concern over the new variant.

More … than 20 cases of the Omicron variant have so far been identified across the UK, although experts expect that number to increase in the coming days.

Explaining the government’s plan to expand the coronavirus vaccine booster program, the prime minister said: “The goal we have set for ourselves is to offer a booster to all eligible people by the end of January. .

“As with the first jabs, we will be working on people by age group going down in five-year increments, as it’s critical that the older and more clinically vulnerable get this extra protection first.

“So even if you had your second jab over three months ago and are now eligible, don’t try to book until the NHS says it’s your turn.”

Analysis by Jon Craig, Chief Political Correspondent

Well it’s clear then! Boris Johnson says to keep partying over Christmas, while top NHS doctor Dr Jenny Harries says don’t socialize if you don’t need to. What a mess !

During the House of Commons debate on masks and self-isolation, which saw dozens of Tory MPs rebel once again, the hapless Minister of Health Maggie Throup was repeatedly questioned about the matter of the Scrooge-like warning in doc.

And faced with similar questions at his Downing Street press conference later, the Prime Minister was determined to deliver a “Continue to Christmas” message. Time and time again, he kept saying that COVID rules must be “balanced and proportionate.”

When asked if people should cancel Christmas parties and crib rooms, Santa Boris said, “We don’t want people to cancel such events.”

We’ll see if that pledge holds, given its record for COVID U-turns and Christmas cancellation last year.

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He continued, “I know the frustration we all feel with this Omicron variant, the feeling of exhaustion that we might be going through it all again.

“But today I want to stress this, today it is not the right thing to feel because today our position is and always will be infinitely better than it was a year ago. year.

“What we’re doing is taking proportionate precautionary measures while our scientists crack the Omicron code and while we get the added protection of these boosters on the arms of those who need them most.”

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PM: Another “extremely unlikely” lockdown

Mr Johnson also revealed he will receive his booster shot on Thursday after 18 million Britons have already received theirs.

“It’s time for another big British vaccination effort. We have done it before and we will do it again – and let’s not give this virus a second chance,” the Prime Minister said.

Mr Javid said people should get vaccinated to “give themselves the best chance to spend a Christmas with our loved ones” and that the deployment of the booster is a “national mission”.

Speaking alongside the Prime Minister at the press conference, the Health Secretary added: “What we are seeing recently brought back memories of the strain of last winter.

“But while we can’t say for sure what lies ahead, we have a huge advantage that we didn’t have at the time: our vaccination program, which has already done so much to keep this virus at bay.”

Mr Javid also urged the “five million people” who have not received any coronavirus vaccine to come forward and accept the offer to protect themselves.

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Javid persuades Sky reporter to get a booster shot

Meanwhile, Amanda Pritchard, chief executive of NHS England, said healthcare workers were working at “breakneck speed” to expand the deployment of the booster jab.

The Downing Street press conference came as MPs voted 434 to 23 to make masks mandatory in shops and on public transport.

MPs then approved the regulations related to self-isolation requirements by 431 votes to 36.

The division list showed that 19 Conservatives rebelled by voting against the face covering regulation, excluding the two MPs who acted as scrutineers for the no.

It also showed that 32 Tory MPs voted against the self-isolation rules, again excluding the two scrutineers.

Later that evening, Tory Andrew Bridgen wrote a letter to the Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Prime Minister Sarah Dines to say that it would be “inappropriate” for him to attend a scheduled drink at No 10 after voting against the implementation by the government of new restrictions.

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