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Although barely in Week 3 of the MDN Fantasy Football League, Employee of the Year (1-2) pulled off a move this weekend that will alter not just his foreseeable fate, but the rest of his life: his first win of the season.

Organizing a masterclass in multitasking, he also took the time to get married.

Getting balanced production from his starters, Joe Burrow led the team for Employee of the Year in scoring 23 points as his team posted a total of 115.30 points.

Undefeated through the first two weeks of play, The J2XPerience (2-1) decided to generously forego traditional wedding gifts of tableware and appliances and award Employee of the Year the kind of gift that one person just can’t put a price tag on by offering a meager team total of 78.36 points to take their first loss of the season.

Rainbow’s Rad Team (2-1) also recorded their first loss of the year, as they ran into a buzzsaw in the form of LundZilla (2-1).

Led by a stellar 40.42 performance by Raven quarterback Lamar Jackson, LundZilla scored below his 138.45 PPG average in the game, while posting 121.62 points in the win.

A 27.6-point effort from Jalen Hurts wasn’t enough for Rainbow’s Rad team as the rest of the team fell short in the contest, leading to the 121.62-97.30 scuffle.

Still looking for their first win of the season, THE Chicago Bears (0-3) extend their slide into the abyss of fantasy after surgically dismantling Mr. Seal Your Girl (2-1) in a 113.60-92.58 battle .

Perfectly demonstrating the lopsided matchups in this game, the fact that Mr. Seal quarterback Josh Allen scored almost as many points (26.7) on his own as the Chicago Bears’ top two scorers in the team combined (Ezekiel Elliott and Davante Adams, 28.7).

Moving to 2-1 on the season, FoodsLibrarys would claim a 119.88-93.04 victory over MSP Dream Team, taking them down to 1-2 on the year.

Running backs powered the FoodsLibrarys offense, with Derrick Henry (25.3) and Saquon Barkley (22.6) combining for just under half of the team’s total points.

Conversely, wide receivers wouldn’t get the MSP Dream Team win no matter how hard they tried, as CeeDee Lamb (22.7) and Tee Higgins (14.3) led the team in production.

Finally, in the biggest blowout of the week, Fightin’ Insurrectionists (2-1) beat Light the Lamp (1-2) 115.06-77.14 for a nearly 40-point win.

Receiving yards would pave the way for victory for the Fightin’ Insurrectionists, as Mark Andrews, Cooper Kupp, Diontae Johnson and Drake London led the team in scoring with a combined 76.1 points.

Lackluster production from the generally reliable Tom Brady (14.74) and Austin Eckler (13.3) contributed heavily to Light the Lamp’s loss, while Bengals kicker Evan McPherson added 10 points on the board for the team.

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