How to be an employer of choice in a hybrid workplace

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Interactive communication channels

So it’s heartwarming to know that the leaders of Cardinal Health have been particularly active in employee engagement. Even so, HR has a critical role to play in enabling and maintaining strong relationships across the organization. Chou told us that his team worked closely with executives to develop comprehensive strategies to address the issues raised in employee surveys. Plus, they’ve helped leaders stay accessible. This was done through a dedicated email channel which allowed employees to share their views or concerns directly with regional leaders.

The HR team also supported interactive communication efforts such as sharing videos or regular podcasts by executives and employees. Additionally, they leveraged internal social media platforms to keep employees connected. “All of the above communication and leadership initiatives have been put in place to ensure our associates feel supported and heard, and have the resources to be happy and healthy in the era of COVID-19,” Chou said.

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How to remain an employer of choice in the post-pandemic world

With their continued success as an Employer of Choice, we asked Chou for advice on how to achieve and maintain status in an ever-changing world. From the start, Chou said she believed employers should remain committed to finding a balance between customer focus and customer focus. “Companies need to reinvent the way they deliver rewarding and personalized career experiences to their employees,” she said. “Employers will need to recalibrate and focus on the key drivers of business success, while providing an attractive employment ecosystem to retain their best employees.

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