Member of Congress who said funding prisons were lifted now says to ‘lock down’ Rittenhouse

Rittenhouse recounts every shooting incident

Kyle Rittenhouse recalled the shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

He said he saw Mr. Rosenbaum and heard Mr. Ziminski order Rosenbaum to “catch and kill him”. Then he said Rosenbaum was chasing him and grabbed his gun.

“I remember his hand on the barrel of my gun,” Rittenhouse said.

Asked by the defense attorney what he did next, Rittenhouse replied “I shoot him”, adding that he shot Rosenbaum four times.

Rittenhouse said he then rushed to the police because he “hadn’t done anything wrong” and was defending himself.

He then said Anthony Huber hit him on the neck with his skateboard. Rittenhouse said he was “dizzy”, “nearly passed out” and “tripped to the ground”.

On the ground, he saw someone, who Rittenhouse said was unidentified, running towards him after pulling out his rifle.

When the man ran and “jumped” at him, Rittenhouse said he fired two shots as the man’s boot made contact with his face.

“He would have stomped on my face if I hadn’t fired,” he said.

Then he tells that Huber ran towards him and hit him with his skateboard a second time and grabbed his gun. As he felt the strap of his rifle come loose from his body, Rittenhouse said he fired a shot.

Next, Rittenhouse said Gaige Grosskreutz ran towards him with a pistol in his hand. Once Grosskreutz lowered his arm and pointed his pistol at his head, Rittenhouse said he fired his gun.

He said he shot Grosskreutz once and left because he was “no longer a threat”.

After the shooting, Rittenhouse said he was “in shock”, “panicked” and said his “head was spinning”.

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