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Jefferson County Sheriff

Neighborhood Watch: An Island Creek Township resident said a neighbor reported seeing someone rolling his blue and gold 2014 Husqvarna dirt bike off his porch and onto the road on Wednesday. The owner said he saw a silver Ford parked at the end of the road before the robbery and said it drove off and believed it had been involved. Deputies checked the area where the vehicle had been parked and located a toolbox in the weeds, and the owner also found a piece of paper with a name and number on it which deputies called. The number was traced to the owner of a Weirton resident who worked in Morgantown and told them his silver Fusion vehicle had been stolen several days prior. The dirt bike theft was captured on surveillance footage, deputies said.

No Good Deed: A Rayland man reported his December 2012 Ford Focus stolen on Tuesday. The man told MPs he originally loaned it to a former colleague so he could visit family during the holidays after the man’s own car broke down, and said that he had told her he would make it on New Year’s Day, but he never did. The man first asked if he could buy the car, but when the owner suggested taking it back first so they could talk about the money, he never did and stopped taking calls. He said his only contact since has been traffic tickets he received from speed cameras, the most recent being in Girard, Ohio, some of which he said he paid to avoid affecting his own license. He said he tried to report the theft to several law enforcement agencies without success, and said it was difficult for him because he travels out of state for long periods due from his work. He warned MPs that the man who has his car regularly carries a gun.

Piling up: Trespassers were spotted on the Yorkville Intermodal Terminals property in Warren Township on Tuesday. Deputies and factory staff who searched the property were unable to find them, but they located a pile of large copper conduit and wires tossed onto a wall bordering an old section of train tracks in an area overgrown with vegetation, which MPs say makes for “an ideal location for nefarious, off-site public activity” and said after inspecting the area, “It appears that they (they) were collecting copper from this location in order to remove it from the property in bulk.” The objects have been recovered and moved.

Booked: Charles Myers, 35, 102 McKinley Ave., Steubenville, violating a protective order, Tuesday; David Crowe III, 37, 803 Bradenshaw Ave., East Liverpool, non-compliance, Tuesday.

Steubenville Police

Nibbler: An Oregon Avenue resident said she was sitting on her living room couch when a woman approached and repeatedly tried to hit her on Tuesday. She said that when she fended off the attack, the other woman fell, so she got up and walked to the other side of her living room to flee. She said her alleged attacker “then crawled up to her leg, began to clasp her leg and attempted to bite her.” The other woman apologized and said she was upset.

Time to go: A Grandview Avenue resident wanted police to remove her boyfriend from their shared residence on Tuesday and became furious and berated by police when they told her they couldn’t because the man had taken up residence. They said she walked in and closed the door behind her when she was told she couldn’t manage. The man told them that she had been “throwing things at her, so he pushed her away.” He didn’t want to leave at the time, so the police told him it was in his best interest to stay away from her until he left for work.

Offensive: Jamie Smearman, 34, 419 Darlington Road, Steubenville, second OVI offense, driving under suspension for OVI and non-compliance, Tuesday. Police said Smearman was arrested after allegedly driving through at least six stop signs in the city center. When she finally pulled over, officers said they detected a strong smell of alcohol on her person and claimed that Smearman admitted to drinking alcohol and said he found an empty brandy bottle on the floor of the passenger, but she refused to take the breathalyzer test.

Oops: Callers reported a van loaded with trash entering Beatty Park on Tuesday. Police located the truck parked near the middle restroom area and spoke with the owner, advising him that the dumping is not permitted. She left.

Reported shots: Multiple callers reported hearing up to seven shots fired near Grandview Avenue and Adams Street on Tuesday. Police said they searched the area but “unable to locate primary scene or any evidence” shots fired.

Drugs: A woman who overdosed in the 700 block of North Seventh Street needed two intravenous injections and two nasal doses of Narcan to be resuscitated on Tuesday. Police said the woman was “clearly under the influence of opiates.” The man who called for help said he found her in this drug-induced state. JMHA security informed the police that they wanted him off the property.

Noise is a problem: A South Fifth Street resident said her neighbor was harassing her on Tuesday. The woman said the argument started with a loud radio and she repeatedly asked the neighbor to turn it down, but she refused. To calm the situation, the responder had asked the neighbor to wait inside until they had spoken with the first woman, but when he knocked on her door, he said that ‘she “refused to come talk to me. He told the other woman to stay away from the neighbor and call back if things get out of hand.

Knocking: A man who knocked on the door of a residence on the 400 block of Maxwell Avenue told police all he wanted was his work uniform on Tuesday. His wife gave it to him after the police told him what he wanted.

Code Issue: A Notice of Violation has been sent to the owner/occupier of a property at 1116 Hillary Square, Tall Grass/Weed.

Snap: An Oak Grove resident reported that a man was taking photos of children in the area on Tuesday. She said her grandchildren were swimming in the back of the residence when she saw a man driving a white SUV “possibly taking pictures of them.” She said when she asked him what he was doing he told her he was looking “808.”

Scié: Police have been notified over the past week that catalytic converters were stolen from six vehicles parked in the 600 block of Adams Street on Tuesday. Several used blades were spotted under the vehicles, they said.

Booked: Ciara Hawkins, 27, 318 S. Fourth St., Steubenville, failure to appear, Tuesday.

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Recorded: Shane Riffle, 44, Sterling, Ohio, drug felon, Tuesday.

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