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The return of COVID. Fires in the West, Afghanistan. The traffic jam is in Washington. Drought. Hurricanes. Insanity at every level all the way from personal political.

The number of sad and depressing events that we face every day is overwhelming. There is no wonder there is an epidemic of mental health that affects millions of us.

I’m not promoting any alternative vision of the world as pink However, it is vital to note that there are some good actors in this crazed world that should inspire us all to look forward to the future. It is inspiring to see instances of entrepreneurs who are trying to make use of the potential of business to build an improved world.

These are just three of them:

The month of August was the time for the launch. OneLife, a cutting-edge San Francisco-based health technology firm determined to develop technology that will help save lives while also protecting the environment, launched OneLife X that they believe is the most effective air purifier available in the. The world is and is available on Indiegogo. With increasing worries about the quality of air due to the pandemic as well as the rising rate of record-breaking wildfires the team created OneLife X to purify the smaller particles that filters are often unable to capture. The filter is exceptionally durable and an able to wash filter that lasts for the rest of its life. It also requires minimal energy to purify environment, OneLife X is made from bamboo that is rapidly growing along with recycled plastic.


OneLife X

A way of life

In Australia A husband and wife team has been working to decrease the dependence on plastic trash bags that are single-use by providing customers the TOMbag, the reusable trash bag created out of reused plastic water bottles.





According to Sasha as well as Jonathan Pestano describe: “TOMbag’s goal is to eliminate the world of single-use garbage bags using our eco-friendly and recyclable alternatives. We believe that the small, incremental changes made from a variety of people are the true cause of creating a better world to benefit the world. “

It is clear that TOMbag faces a lot of challenges. Personally recycling bags for trash is a complex business, as well. The initial price of buying the TOM bag is significant (the big bag is priced at $58 plus shipping) in comparison to disposable bags that are good. At a system-level the majority of municipalities require that waste is disposed of or put in baggies made of plastic (TOM bags can be emptied and placed in trash containers for collection to remove.)

Recycling is a big topic, and industrial design expert Sasha Plotitsa has started a social enterprise which turns the construction waste into furniture and uses formerly imprisoned people to build it.

An online visit on the Formr website will show a variety of stunning items like side tables, chairs, chandeliers and shelves. Although raw materials are often garbage, Formr products don’t come inexpensive. Formr’s products are an investment into the history of their development.

“We are aware that those recently released from prison want chances,” says Formr. “Many businesses do not employ former prisoners however we believe in providing people with the chance to have a positive beginning and an opportunity to get a second chance.

“The good” does not end there. More than 500 million tons of construction debris is produced throughout the United States each year . If we can reduce even a tiny amount of waste from the overflowing landfills and make “cool things” then why wouldn’t we? We establish connections with entrepreneurs in order to gain access to their sites. We then filter through the junk and bring the top material back in our stores. After we have removed hardware and nails, we scrub the material clean and start manufacturing. It’s quite a process.

It will be interesting to see whether any of these businesses succeed in achieving long-term financial success, however it’s encouraging to see these gifted and innovative people from all over the globe stepping head-first into the task of tackling some of the major problems that plague our world. troubled. God knows we’re in need.