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Marvel Studios’ recent Disney+ push has proven to be rather divisive among fans. Since Wanda Vision for moon knight, each series has had many ups and downs along the way. Despite the overall inconsistency in quality, the six streaming projects have certainly had their fair share of fans, leading to each consistently attracting big numbers on Disney+.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness recently broke ground for the MCU while filming Wanda Vision in the first Disney+ series to directly influence a big-screen event. But in the age of an increasingly interconnected MCU, moon knight stands out as the most standalone superhero release since 2008 Iron Man.


moon knight introduced fans to Marc Spector, someone who not only suffers from dissociative identity disorder, but was also possessed by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu to do his bidding. The series has evolved from an in-depth character exploration to an action-packed adventure throughout its six weeks, leaving something to love for every viewer.

With all of moon knight Now streaming on Disney+, The Direct has ranked all six episodes of the first season.

6.) Episode 2: Summon Suit

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“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, my name is Steven with a V.” -Steven Grant


Although moon knightThe weakest chapter of “Summon the Suit” is still a solid sequel to the first and a true testament to the quality of the series. Perhaps the most successful elements of the second episode are the development it offers towards villainous Arthur Harrow and the introduction of love interest Layla El-Faouly.

While “Summon the Suit” certainly maintains a sense of intrigue as Steven Grant tries to uncover the mystery of Marc Spector, it doesn’t do much to move the story as a whole. Although the action segment featuring both Marc’s Moon Knight and Steven’s Mr. Knight in costume was a big boost and excitement.

The episode’s biggest flaw comes from the fact that it predates the powerful bond between Marc and Steven. At this point, Grant still refuses to accept the existence of his Mercenary Quirk and is instead in direct conflict with him, which feels a bit frustrating at times.


5.) Episode 3: The Friendly Guy

Moon Knight Episode 3 The Friendly Guy
marvel studios

“Your torment forged me. I owe you my victory.” -Arthur Harrow

“The Friendly Type” is where things really kick off for moon knight; Marc Spector and Steven Grant began to develop their bond and the story shifted to Egypt. To some extent, the third chapter is where the series starts to feel a lot more like a product of Marvel Studios due to its faster pace and drastic increase in action.

The first two episodes followed Steven Grant to London as he began to learn about Marc Spector and his entire second life. This episode jumps across the sea to Egypt for an adventure with Marc and his wife Layla as the power couple begin their efforts to stop Arthur Harrow from freeing Ammit.


Layla quickly emerges as the perfect candidate to accompany Marc and Steven on their heroic adventure, proving to be one of the most interesting love interests to ever grace the MCU, and May Calamawy plays the character perfectly.

The ties to Egyptian mythology quickly intensify in the third chapter as viewers learn about other gods, learn about the concept of avatars, and spend time with Khonshu. Not to mention that the night sky rewind visual is truly something to admire.

4.) Episode 6: Gods and Monsters

Moon Knight Episode 6 Gods and Monsters
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“This is my friend, Jake Lockley” – Khonshu


Marvel Studios has always struggled to wrap up its stories in a satisfying way, especially when it comes to its Disney+ finales. moon knight breaks that pattern with the strongest season finale yet. “Gods and Monsters” is packed with crowd-pleasing hit moments, from Layla’s Scarlet Scarab outfit to Khonshu and Ammit’s full-scale battle next to the Cairo pyramids.

After a season of mysteries and accumulation, moon knightThe finale wrapped up all of the major outstanding issues, brought its character arcs to a satisfying point, and left a lot of things open to continue going forward. The climactic episode also delivered the series’ biggest action moment, as Spector’s Moon Knight and Grant’s Mr. Knight bounced back to defeat Arthur Harrow – with much-needed help from Jake Lockley.

Speaking of Lockley, the long-awaited reveal of Spector’s third Quirk in the post-credits scene set the stage for many more adventures with Moon Knight. But this enigmatic tease for the character’s future didn’t stop moon knight to conclude as the stand-alone story it was always meant to be; no MCU crossovers, no cameos, just the story of a mentally ill man and his connections to the gods of ancient Egypt.


3.) Episode 4: The Tomb

Moon Knight Episode 4 The Tomb
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“Why do all men like you find it necessary to be so condescending?” – Layla El-Faouly

With Khonshu having been imprisoned, “The Tomb” doubled down on Layla taking her on a tomb-robbing adventure with Steven Grant, exploring her relationship with Marc Spector, offering a taste of her complicated history and even… giving it an action of its own.

In the perspective of moon knightMarvel fans have been promised a IndianaJones– inspired adventure tale, and the fourth episode offers that more than any other. Marc, Steven, and Layla’s quest to uncover the treasures of an Egyptian tomb turned out to be an exciting ride full of action, surprises, and plenty of well-placed character moments scattered throughout.


Even with all the grandeur of this episode, “The Tomb” will go down in history for its shocking cliffhanger that changed the game of the series. After Marc Spector was shot by Arthur Harrow, the hero was treated in a mental asylum before escaping, meeting Steven Grant face-to-face and running into the hippopotamus goddess Taweret. The game-changing moment left viewers doubting everything they thought they knew about the show, making for the perfect twist.

2.) Episode 1: The Goldfish Problem

Moon Knight Episode 1 The Goldfish Problem
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“Every day I wake up and then I start breaking up. Lonely is a loveless man.”

moon knight not only delivered Marvel Studios’ strongest Disney+ finale yet, but also the best opener by cleverly establishing its main character and key concepts for the series. “The Goldfish Problem” introduces viewers to Steven Grant – a museum gift shop worker living in London who suffers from blackouts that cause him to wake up in strange places and situations.


With the premiere completely putting Marc Spector aside to focus on Steven Grant, audiences and the title character simultaneously unravel the mysteries of his life as they begin to understand the confusing concept of his dissociative identity disorder.

The most common criticism of “The Goldfish Problem” comes down to its lack of action. With the episode putting all the focus on Steven Grant – only introducing the heroic Marc Spector in the closing minutes – almost all the action is skipped as the Londoner passes out and his Quirk takes control.

Between intriguing mysteries and endearing characters, “The Goldfish Problem” set the tone for the episodes to come and hooked viewers into the concept of the series.


1.) Episode 5: Asylum

Moon Knight Episode 5 Asylum
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“You try to take a life. See how quickly you forget.” -Marc Spector

In a series filled with grandeur, “Asylum” goes above and beyond by exploring the titular hero, while delving deeper into Egyptian mythology than any other chapter. Marc and Steven’s journey through the underworld serves as a fitting pretext for a flashback-centric episode that answers questions, raises more, and sets the stage for a blockbuster finale with a shocking cliffhanger.

“Asylum” tells audiences everything they could ever want to know about Marc’s life story, the origin of his mental health issues, and how he came to be enslaved by Khonshu. With Spector forced to relive his tormented past as Grant discovers it for the first time, Oscar Isaac manages to deliver two very different and compelling performances in the same episode – with Steven acting as the vessel for the viewer to uncover this mystery with him.


Ultimately, “Asylum” shines with the depth it gives to the main hero, Isaac’s stellar performance, the new facets of Egyptian mythology it delves into, and how, unusually, it sets up an even ending. bigger. After all, there’s nothing better to precede an action-oriented finale than a deep character piece.

Is Moon Knight Marvel’s Best Disney+ Series?

moon knight stands out from the rest of Marvel Studios’ Disney+ series thanks to its unique and compelling main character, creative storytelling, and Oscar-winning performance by Oscar Isaac. The six series released so far have had their ups and downs, but none maintains such consistent quality from start to finish as moon knight Is.

Fans can only hope there’s more to come from the Fist of Vengeance soon, but Marvel Studios has yet to officially confirm a second season or reveal when Isaac will return to the MCU. But for now, the six episodes of moon knight are streaming exclusively on Disney+.


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