The five best moments from the second Jurassic World Dominion trailer

The Jurassic World franchise continues with the latest installment: Dominion. The feature film takes place four years after the destruction of Isla Nublar and the dinosaurs now live alongside humans. The delicate balance of human structure will test whether humans and dinosaurs can truly co-exist, where the two Jurassic-era generations join forces for the very first time. Jurassic World Dominion is set to release on June 10, 2022. Check out the top five moments from the latest trailer.

Owen promises to find Blue’s baby

This world is now pure chaos. This time, it looks like Owen, Claire, and Maisie (the culprit who released the dinosaurs in fallen kingdom) escaped to a safe place but Blue and her offspring managed to track them down. Of course, no dinosaur is safe in this film, so two poachers steal the young cub and Blue comes back to the only people who would be willing to help. As always, the special effects are at the top in these jurassic world films but what is good is that they never forget the characters. Blue and Owen have been connected since the first film and it’s great that the franchise continues to grow and develop their relationship. The final adventure with these two should be fun, and the dynamic between dinosaurs and humans should be very interesting in this final chapter.

Dr Henry Wu says he made a terrible mistake

Listen, can we all agree that most humans in the jurassic park franchise are either idiots, dinosaur food, or swashbuckling heroes? Anyone with the proper brain cells could have seen that the whole dinosaur thing was a big mistake, but it’s good that one of the franchise’s original villains apparently shows some growth in admitting his flaws. Granted, this could all be a ruse and Wu is turning evil again since he served as the reboot’s main antagonist, but hopefully this is a real shift in tone for his character. As delightful as his villainy is in these films, it’s important that the characters grow in a franchise that includes villains. The films have exploited most of the settings of Wu being the villain and it would be nice to see a different antagonist in the spotlight for a change. Wu fighting for good could be fun if done right because it creates a unique overall dynamic. Let’s hope Wu doesn’t return to his evil roots, because audiences will see him coming a mile away. More importantly, Wu’s time as the main villain is stale due to his lack of character growth that borders on the mustache-twirling villain.

Dinosaurs released from their cages

The terror begins. Dinosaurs go wild in jurassic world and it seems to be them fighting against evil humans who only see them as property. Good dino carnage always equals fun in these features, and if it’s really the bad guys who are wreaking havoc for personal gain, then watching these creatures turn violent with PG-13 is sure to be a delight. Of course, if it’s the good guys, it introduces an interesting morality game. These movies wonder if dinosaurs and humans can get along; It will instantly increase the tension if it’s civilians looking to help these poor creatures. This scene (and this movie) can take many avenues, but hopefully it’s something meaningful that adds to the story.

Owen and Claire try to escape the dinosaurs through Saint Ursula Street in Valletta, Malta

A dinosaur apocalypse had finally arisen. With the world teeming with these monsters, it was only a matter of time before all hell broke loose. Based on the trailer alone, this scene looks like pure joy to watch. The action is crisp and fast, with sequences perfectly aligned. The danger isn’t too present as it still doesn’t feel like the franchise is willing to risk killing Owen or Claire, but hopefully a few surprises will occur in this feature, the biggest being a huge character death. .

Owen and Ellie are in danger

It was the perfect scene to end the trailer. Until he is ruined the next moment when he shows they are surviving the attack. While Owen and Claire feel they have plot armor on their side, Ellie, Ian, and Alan seem more vulnerable to being killed here. So while the trailer says too much, this scene is still a biting moment because of the potential threat of seeing the originals killed off. Moreover, it is more cool dinosaur action.

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